How you can earn with Coindano

Make extra income from storing bitcoin and altcoins in your Coindano account.

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You can make
extra income

Coindano is a highly secured and encrypted bitcoin and altcoins wallet provider. You can securely hold your bitcoin & altcoins in Coindano.

The Coindano wallet has been built with a unique algorithm to sort out wallets holding at least 10 BTC. Every wallet that falls into this category earns a token of 10% of it's total assets quarterly.

No transactions should be made on a holders wallet. Holders wallets with more than one transaction will be disqualified from the benefits of holding.

Withdrawals on holders wallet can be made after two months. All interest will be forfieted if withdrawals are made before two months on holders wallets.

Tokens are received as bitcoins directly into your wallet and are immediately spendable.

You can also make extra income on your Coindano wallet by inviting your friends. Both parties earn $50 worth of bitcoin which is made available for spending on wallets that hold a minimum of $2,000.

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